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ccm goalie pads

CCM has developed their newest pads in the YTFlex line. The all new CCM YTFlex 2 Youth Goalie Leg Pads are designed to promote proper save fundamentals and help young goalies learn to play the game.

CCM has used a simple flat faced leg pad as the visual build to provide the goalie with a modern feel and look on these pads. The graphic of the CCM YTFlex 2 is a single large design that shoots outward and up to the edges of the pads with rippled lining above and below the main design.  Awesome!!

CCM has used a mix of High and Low Density foams throughout the core of the leg pad to create a balanced pad for the young goaltender to feel comfortable on the ice. The CCM YTFlex 2 uses a pre-curved double break core on the inner flex to help the goaltender close the five hole easier, while the outer flex features a single break for further coverage and flexibility.

CCM has used an adjustable soft foam knee cradle to provide the goaltender with a comfortable feeling with a customized fit. The knee raiser is made of PE foam which is designed to help seal the ice for low shots and promote proper rebounds. The knee strap system features a single Velcro strap that sits below the knee to help keep the goalie’s leg fit in place properly. CCM also offers a thigh wrap at the top of the pad just above the knee for added protection.

The CCM YTFlex 2 features a simple one strap system that fits directly over the goaltender’s calf to further secure the goalie and allow for easy adjustments on the strap for a comfortable fit.

The CCM YTFlex 2 leg pad features a shallow, soft boot for freedom of movement so the goaltender does not feel restricted. A single boot strap to keep the goaltenders foot in place to prevent the pad from over rotating on the goalie’s leg. CCM has used their flexible toe bungee system on the YTFlex 2 pad to allow the goalie to get their skate close and tight to the pad, so that the pad will stay up on their leg in all movements. The toe ties also help the goalie get a large range of emotion with no restriction to help get quick and powerful pushes when in the butterfly.

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