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Inline pucks are all pretty unique, and it can take a few tries before you find one that you want to stick with. The Slivvver from Bauer brings plenty to the table. The oversized hi density glide pegs have plenty of surface area, meaning they won't burn out as aggressively as many counterparts. Meanwhile the aerodynamic design keeps shots from fluttering and reduces its tendency to bounce. Finally, you know it's good when the IIHF mandates its use as the official inline puck of the World Championships -so play like the pros! 

Unlike most inline pucks, the Bauer Slivvver uses Hi-Density Runners that are fuse-welded into the softer puck body more a more consistent slide, and more durable design. The unique cutouts on the puck surface aid in a smooth and fast slide with superior puck handling feel. This means you better know where the puck is on your stick, and you can shoot and pass with confidence. Additionally, this design also maximizes the puck's ability to stick to the rink surface when sliding those hard passes across the rink. The body of the puck is constructed from polyvinyl chloride and resin matrix to provide durability against repeated impacts. The runners are a proprietary polymatrix designed for a smooth slide over inline surfaces.

The Bauer SliVVVer Puck is mandated by the IIHF during the Inline Hockey World Championships.

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