Bike Team Updates

This year Sportwheels has decided to help support a few local cyclists in their racing season. 

Previously we announced that Chris Sanford will be competing wearing the Sportwheel jersey.  Chris will be competing at the Victoria Secret race on May 23rd in Truro at Victoria Park.

We have also decided to support two other local riders as well, Matt Bernard and Stacey Taylor.

Matt Bernard has been cycling for a few years and has really gotten the bug to race this year.  He has been training very hard and it has certainly paid off.  He placed 2nd in the Starr's Point Road race already and is also planning on challenging the course in Victoria Park on May 23rd.  Matt is a regular on our Weekly Mountain Bike Rides every Tuesday lending his experience and know-how to others.

Stacey Taylor has been a mainstay on our Weekly Mountain Bike Rides and is also leading our Womens' Beginner Rides every Wednesday evening.  Stacey was also named Pedaltrouts Rider of the Month for May recently. Stacey regularly trains with Matt and both have gotten very fast and will be riders to look out for.  Stacey finished 3rd, just after Matt in the Starr's Point Road Race as well. 

Sportwheels congratulates Matt and Stacey on their current success and wish them and Chris the best of luck at the upcoming Victoria Secret Mountain Bike Race on May 23rd.

Mike Phillips
Mike Phillips