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The feeling of riding a bike is undescribeable.

It's no wonder kids love it.  It's why adults go back to it, even after years of being away due to getting their driver licence, high school, college ..whatever it may be...there is just nothing like riding a bike.

The only thing that can ruin a good ride on your bike, is if the bike you are riding does not work properly, or is uncomfortable.

Here is what to do to prevent these two things from happening:

  •  Bike not working properly ? - Check to see if the bike you are riding is from a local department store or a big box chain store.  If you have answered YES to this, you have solved problem number one.  These bikes are 'thrown" together by un-qualified workers at these stores, and the basic designs are wrong from the start, so there is just no way to get these bikes working properly.  Treat yourself to a properly working bike that is actually designed and welded properly and straight.  The components of the bike should be working in unison and not against each other.  Shifting, brakes,'s not rocket science, but is is an amazing ride when you get them all working properly.  The recent "Support your local bike shop" National campaign is now more true than ever.
  • Uncomfortable ride ?  Butt hurting ?  Well, most likely your bike is not the right size for you, or your seat height is wrong or the seat angle is set up wrong.  Get PROPERLY sized for a bike, and do multilple test rides before leaving the store to get everything angled just right for your body shape.  Every person is shaped entirely different, and therefore a bike needs to be adjusted to fit each person.

Sportwheels has been selling bikes to people of all ages and sizes for over 60 years, and we just get better and better every year.

We service what we sell, and will take your old bike on trade.  This helps alot for growing kids year to year ! We sell used bikes as well that we have taken on trade.  All the while we can size each customer for the right bike.  Trikes, kids bikes, adult bikes, road bikes, hybrid bikes, BMX bikes...we have it all.

Need a new bike helmet? How about a rear rack, a flashing light ?  Kids need a new tube for that flat tire?  We have all the parts and accessories to keep you on the road.

Our brands are tried tested and true BIKE companies that know how to design a bike.  Welded properly with the correct parts and components to make your bike ride enjoyable, not a hassle. 

Our qualified service shop will assemble the bike properly, and can also service ANY make, model or year.  Bring your old bike in for inspection and servicing any time...all year long.

Drop in for a test drive and experience a REAL bike.  It will bring back all the fun memories you had as a child, and will enable your own children to experience what it is like to ride a reliable, comfortable bike as well.

Sportwheels wants you to enjoy your bike, and maybe tell someone how much you enjoy your bike from us.

Have fun!


Trent Connors
Trent Connors