Gas Prices are High - Biking is an Alternative!

The cost of owning a car is more expensive every week.  Insurance, vehicle maintenance, and most importantly gas prices are rising on a regular basis. 

I offer you a very simple solution - the Bicycle.

No insurance premiums, low regular maintenance, and no need to gas up are the obvious benefits.  What about increasing physical activity, and improving your overall health.  Increased physical activity reduces stress, increases cardio fitness and reduces weight.  One need not be a pro, or even ride every day. Riding a bike to work or for local errands can do yourself a world of good; even decreasing greenhouse gases which helps us all.

What is Sportwheels doing to help you?  We offer bicycles by Norco and Devinci designed for your comfort while commuting, running errands or weekend excursions.  Both companies offer models at various price points so you can afford not only a bike but all the necessary accessories. 

Drop in today and let our staff set you up for a healthier, more cost effective lifestyle!


Mike Phillips
Mike Phillips