Your Partner in Active Living…

Sportwheels & Capital Health are helping make physical activity the easy choice.

Its Back… for the 3rd year in a row, and we are proud to announce we have doubled the size of the program. Beginning Tuesday, June 7th, 2011 when you need to go between the Halifax Infirmary and the Victoria General sites, you have the option to ride a bicycle or an adult sized tricycle free of charge as part of the Sportwheels Green Initiative.

All you need to do to sign out a bike and a helmet to use for FREE is show your Capital Health ID at the retail locations:

  • Summer Street Market (Halifax Infirmary)
  • Apple a Day (Dickson)

You simply take the key, go to the bike racks outside the doors of each site, unlock a bike, put on your helmet and ride to the other site.

A map of the designated bike lanes is attached to your key. When you arrive at the other site, lock the bike in the bike rack and return your key and helmet at the retail store. To make it even easier, any books or bags you are carrying can be placed in the rear carrier basket. 

This project started in 2009 as a result of a creative partnership between Sportwheels and Partners for Care. The bikes are being provided and maintained, at no cost to Capital Health, by Sportwheels. As an added incentive to be active, if you are interested in purchasing a bicycle, helmet or any other sporting goods, Sportwheels is offering ALL Capital Health employees exclusive in-store discount. All you need to do is show your Capital Health ID. 

No special clothing is required to take advantage of this activity. The 10 bicycles and two tricycles are uni-sex models that make cycling an easy choice.

Bikes will be available Monday through Friday during retail shop hours - 7:30am to 4:30pm. The shop at the Halifax Infirmary is open later, so the latest time you sign out a bike from the Dickson shop is 4:30pm to ride and sign-in at the Halifax Infirmary. 

If you have comments, suggestions or ideas, please e-mail

Jeff Mayhew
Jeff Mayhew