Sportwheels Weekly Rides

Just a reminder that we have not one, but two absolutely free weekly rides available to anyone regardless of age or experience.

For those who want to take on singletrack trails including some rock, roots and occasional mud, we have our weekly mountain bike rides which have been running for 4 years now.  We regularly have 15 folks riding during the summer and have had up to 10 during the winter months.  The pace is set by the group once we hit the trail, so don't be shy!  We aren't training for the next big race, rather enjoying the trail and maybe we'll throw in a small challenge in the middle of a ride from time to time.  

Our Hybrid rides are designed to focus on those who like to ride the crusher dust trails that are prevelant throughout our fair city.  We ride at a leisurely pace and enjoy the sunset, and the scenery that is all around us.  Again this is not a race, and we judge our pace based on who shows up and how we're feeling.  

For both of these rides all you need is a bike in good working order, a helmet and some water for the ride.  There are no fees to pay (with the exception of maybe heading out for a bite post ride!), or registration forms to fill out.  We appreciate you coming out to play on your bikes with us so you will receive a discount card for Sportwheels on all bike parts and accessories just for showing up!

The location of each ride will be updated on our facebook page and group as well as

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Mike (Jackson) at 865-9033.  

See you on the trails!

Mike Phillips
Mike Phillips