So Who Wants to Scooter?

Ok so this is it......or something similar. This is roughly the beginning of a couple of my favorite sports, past times, hobbies, interests, or whatever you would like to coin it as.

  So lets go to a time when I was much more spry than smart, late 70s, perhaps even early 80s. Important stuff was happening then, invention of the Walkman, Hepatitis B vaccine, MS-Dos, the first IBM PC, contact lenses, roller blades, CD-Rom, and who could forget the Cabbage Patch Kids. Cellular phones were at the cusp of development then, and no one would have thought of such thing as Viagra.

  I am sure by now you have put together some type of idea where this may be going. From that wooden invention pictured above, perhaps even dating back as far as the 1800s, birthed something that was an important part of my early life. No not scooters, that is a scooter (DUH), but came forth skateboards.

  "Ok, ok, whats skateboarding have to do with this blog?," you might ask, well i think that these 2 sports are a partnership in their birth. "HUH?". The scooter was made as a child toy it emulated cars and motorbikes of the time. Back then there was no plastic "Toys R Us" cars to be had, so someone came up with this.

  Fast forward something like 30-50 years, and surfers were looking for something to do when there was no waves to ride, they took the original kick scooter, ripped the peach box off and voila, the skateboard. So from the scooter birthed skateboarding, scooting became a thing of the past, or so we thought.

  Olies, kickflips, manuals, grinds, and Aerial tricks were the future of the sport. Many teens were masters of a simple wooden plank with rollerskate hardware and wheels. Idolized in magazines and on tv (not high definition at that time). I can remember hardly waiting for the new issue of Skateboarder Magazine, and then Thrasher Magazine, to arrive at my local corner store, so i could dissect the photos and try and learn a new trick.

  So here we have come, full circle. Scooters have made a comeback. still not able to see the importance of skateboarding here? Well when i see the list of tricks you can do on a scooter all i see is a skateboard with a handle. lol but someone took that handle and worked it into the boarding repertoire. The tricks are amazing and ground breaking, just like when i was a kid, the same, only totally different.

  Without the invention and growth of skateboarding from old time scooters, I find it hard to imagine scootering would be the same as it is today. Both of these iconic sports can travel through the future hand in hand in my opinion. My mother always used to tell me that fads make a come back, like bell bottom jeans, cords, guys with long hair, skinny jeans, and so on. But i dont see a fad here, its new, fresh, ground breaking, innovative, and now an important part of our culture.

  Under the inventions for 2012 lets list Scooters, as they have been reborn. There will be a point in your life when you tell your kids about a time when something wonderful happened a sport, past time, hobbie, interest, or whatever you would like to coin it as was BORN!

Sheldon M
Sheldon M