2013 Sportwheels Hybrid Trail Rides Conclude

Well the last official week for the trail rides (not the mountain bike rides) happened last week (Sept 26) and we want to thank all the great people that came out to join us this season.  Somehow we managed to have great weather for almost all the rides, which was wonderful. We rode in the light and in the dark, we chatted and puttered along and rode like lighting when we needed to. We saw wild life, both animals and people (ha ha).

Don't forget to use your discount card when coming to the store, as this is our thanks to you for being part of the group. 

We will begin the official rides next March in 2014, but we will likely hold some one off rides here and there on nice Autumn days, so either check back here on the News Blog or join our Facebook Group, as that is one of the best ways to interact with us.  https://www.facebook.com/groups/138535560264/

Keep riding as long as you can and we will see you on the trails next season!

Ian Loughead
Ian Loughead