Kids Play Update - April 2016


How your purchases help others:

Kids Play Nomination April 3rd 2016: "A local child's bike is beyond repair, a local child with Oppositional Defiance Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Tourettes Syndrome, ADD and anxiety. Nothing would make this boy happier than riding bicycles again with his mother. She is a single mom unemployed and on assistants - It would be so amazing if Sportwheels could help provided two bikes for this mother and son in their time of need, so they can ride together again". 
5 days later: "Thank you Sportwheels. Being a single mother has it's challenges and I want you to know that you have extended a courtesy that is very appreciated and you have helped to make every day more enjoyable. Struggling with mental health is a huge task on its own, it helps to have the bike for my son to be independent, to have some fun, and to enjoy some much needed quality time and exercise. You guys are awesome and you have a great program to help people like us and the desire to go the extra step, thanks so much to Jeff and Sheldon for personally delivery the bikes to me and my son. We are looking forward to seeing you again and if we ever need help with the bikes we know where to go".
*Thanks to this wonderful family for allowing us to share their story, amazing what a giving forward business model can do to help others. Over 127 Kids helped in just under 12 months. LEARN MORE

Jeff Mayhew
Jeff Mayhew