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Recycled polyester microfiber featuring technology by HeiQ® that transfers sweat away from your skin and into our evaporative cooling fabric - regulating your body temperature so you stay dry and feel cool all day long. 

Summer was made for outdoor activities under the sun. Say goodbye to sticky sunscreens or heavy accessories and meet our newest recycled CoolNet UV+® fabric. 95% recycled polyester microfiber, its moisture management properties pull sweat away from your skin so you stay cool, light and comfortable. UPF 50+ fabrication prevents hazardous exposure to the sun while delivering 4-way ULTRA stretch weave and 100% seamless design for the perfect fit.

  • CoolNet® UV+ technology: 95% recycled materials, sun protection and cooling effect.
  • Made for the sun: UPF 50 protection & ultimate sweat management.
  • Enjoy multifunctionality: choose your wearing style!

Specifically designed for children.

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