Envy AOSv5 - Warner 4.75 Signature Deck

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Raymond Warner is a professional scooter rider for Envy. Raymond is an OG rider who is known in the industry for his positivity and incredible vert riding. The graphic on the deck represents Raymond's fear of the open water, but ability to step outside of his comfort zone in his riding and everyday life. 

Raymond's signature deck is for riders looking for a deck with a lot of response. The deck's small form gives it a lot of maneuverability.

His deck is covered in a “Shimmer” paint- Bright blue with a metallic shine and wrapped in his custom “RW Squid” Graphic. Ray’s graphic encapsulates all things from the deep blue sea. Ray is simply terrified of open water and this graphic represents him stepping out of his comfort zone when it comes to riding and everyday life.. Always pushing always progressing!


  • WIDTH -4.75 Inches /120mm
  • LENGTH- 20.25 Inches/ 515mm 
  • HEADTUBE- 82.5 degrees 
  • FOOT SPACE- 14.17 Inches/ 360mm
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