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rear bike lights

The Lux Rear Light will keep you safe with its ultra-bright beam and simple design. The light charges from a USB, is water-resistant and has three different modes that will adapt to the specific light conditions of your environment. Designed to be used in tandem with a front light like our Lux Front Light , this red back light throws out 65LM of illumination for enhanced visibility. The lithium battery is fully-rechargeable and the light is supplied with a universal bracket, rubber band and saddle rail bracket.

LUX rear is the best combination of rear light output and cost on the market, bar none. In fact, it has just the right power to let you to know it is on without having to look back! Keep your eyes on the road and you can see the red flash effects on your environment. You know you are seen, and this added safety feature is just what we want to provide to riders. With the same quick recharge capacity as its brother the LUX front light and the same weatherproofness, you have on hand a great solution.

  • Light Feature : Big bar of 16 LEDs in a rain-resistant package - Rear: 65 lumens, red - USB-rechargeable lithium-polymer battery - Front and side spills ensure a 270-degree 'SEE ME' feature
  • Light Feature 5: Vertical or horizontal mount
  • What's included: 2 types of brackets for all installation needs

Big bar of red light thanks to 16 LEDs in a rain-resistant package with a USB-rechargeable lithium-polymer battery that needs only 2 hours to full capacity. Emits red lighting towards the rear with side spills that ensure a SEE ME feature. 3 modes and 3 intensities, with high intensity at 65 lumens, for 1.75 hours of autonomy (3 hours flashing) in high, 3 hours (4 hours in quick flash) in medium and 6.5 hours (5.5 hours in slow flash) at normal intensity. Comes with 2 types of bracket (flex band or saddle clip), each allowing 2 clip orientations and a USB charging cable.

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