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envy bars

Envy is very well known for their amazing handlebars. With the increasing popularity in aluminum bars, Envy knew it was time to release a new model. Envy Union bar was hands down of the most popular bar of 2017 and 2018. Riders like Raymond Warner, Jon Reyes, and Wazzeh really made these as desirable as possible. What could make this bar better you ask? Well, a full Titanium version would do the job! Yes, you heard that right a Titanium Union bar is here! This bar is lighter, stronger and ready to take any beating you give it. It comes 23" inches wide and 26" inches tall and is ready to be ridden with SCS compression straight out of the box. This bar only comes Oversized, so if you're looking to ride HIC you'll need to get a slit cut.

Oversized bars without a slit are compatible with only full-size SCS. For HIC a slit must be cut. For IHC a conversion kit must be purchased (sold separately) and a slit must be cut. Not compatible with threaded or ICS compressions. 

  • Bar Height: 26"
  • Bar Width: 23"
  • Bar Material: Titanium
  • Bar Diameter: Oversized SCS
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