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The KC (Ken Climo) Pro is made from the Aviar driver mold in a firm blend of Pro-line plastic for players who prefer a stiffer disc. The preferred model of top pro players.

Diameter: 21.2 cm

Rim Width: 0.9 cm

Best Choice for: Long life putter, Short to medium drives, Accurate approaches

R Pro:

Pro plastic is the favorite putter and midrange plastic of many pros who would also like to be world champions.
R-Pro line is softer than most Pro blends. R-Pro discs have the best all-condition grip and an improved feel. R-Pro has great flexibility which makes it the best choice for putt & approach in cold/wet weather.

R-Pro Benefits:

  • Provides a terrific soft all weather
  • The grip improves with use
  • More durable and retains flight characteristics longer than our DX plastic



The Beast is a long distance driver with a gliding, predictable finish. It's sure to increase distance for beginners and pros alike.

Diameter: 21.2 cm

Rim Width: 2.0 cm

The Beast was issued in the era of the wide rimmed driver. It was an instant classic when it was released; giving players more distance using less power. The Beast’s high glide, high speed and high speed turn all combine to give big distance. It is suitable for beginners and pros alike. The Champion Beast is endorsed by two-time World Champion Barry Schultz.

Best Choice for: Turnover distance driver, Tailwind driver, Novice players looking for more distance


The Valkyrie is a turnover distance driver with great glide. A great choice for tailwind or downhill drives.

Diameter: 21.1 cm

Rim Width: 1.9 cm

In lighter weights gives new players extra distance. Lighter weights also give players extreme range when thrown downwind, while maximum weights can give excellent upwind distance. The Valkyrie’s high speed turn and flight characteristics make it great choice for long range turnover shots and rollers.

Best Choice for: First distance driver, Tailwind drives, Long turnover drives


Useful for long straight shots, gentle hyzers and turnover shots. Extended life as a roller.

Diameter: 21.2 cm

Rim Width: 1.6 cm

The Leopard is a great turnover disc for players of all skill levels. More experienced players can use the Leopard for throwing distance stretching “Hyzer Flip” shots. The Leopard makes a dependable long range roller.

Best Choice for: Tailwind fairway driver, Anhyzer shots, Roller shots


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