The Ventus LT80 catch glove features an advanced anatomical design to increase the performance through superior control, balance, fit and feel. The shape of the glove is designed to provide superior catching power with precision molded curved palm and thumb components that define the shape of the glove and align the flex area of the palm precisely with the natural closure movement of the hand. The internal hand area features divided finger stalls to align the fingers in the glove for control, the back of the hand is secured in the glove with a stretchable neoprene internal glove that aligns the inner hand into the body of the glove for security and control. Adjustable back hand strap and wrist strap allow for precise adjustment and security. The inner thumb area features our extra wide thumb tunnel design to support the thumb and allow for thumb angle adjustment for superior closure control and power. Extra deep T-web pocket has a reinforced horizontal top bar that is secured into the body of the glove for added strength and durability. Skate lace waxed webbing in the pocket reduces puck spin for improved puck control and retention. Wide notch heel area of the thumb allows the stick to sit properly in the glove to apply more force to the stick while shooting. Extra-large two piece back hand protection features a fingertip deflecting ramp along with High density foam over the back of the fingers and knuckles for complete coverage. The back hand padding is secured with a Velcro opening to access the back of the hand for strap adjustment and quick drying. Extra wide back cuff has a wide tapered opening to improve the fit and overlap with the glove and to allow extra wrist flexibility. The front cuff box is a no binding construction to increase effective blocking surface and features a wrist side flare to reduce puck skip over and it also increases the wrist flex on the back side of the cuff opening.

• Unique neoprene inner glove for superior control
• Precision molded components for stability and durability
• Molded cuff box with no binding design
• Dual adjustment straps
• Reinforced T-web
• Select materials allow the glove to be custom heat formed
• Fingertip defecting rail

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