Bicycle Cleaners & Degreasers

Bio Cleaner for all general-purpose cleaning tasks
Specially engineered soap and surfactant based cleaner is environmentally friendly. Works great as a mild degreaser or can be diluted to be used as a general purpose cleaner.

Earth-friendly foaming bike wash
Pedro’s developed this environmentally benign bike wash to work on the entire bike.With special foaming action, the surfactants of Green Fizz coat the bike and help wash away all the troubles from the toughest of rides. Pedro’s created this product for use in the sloppiest of conditions without harming the flora or fauna.And Green Fizz can be used with or without water.

Bike Lust The perfect way to love your ride
Silicone polish can be used on the bike frame and key parts to protect against UV rays, add shine and buff out scratches. Lust includes a biodegradable cleaner to remove light amounts of grime from frames. Repeated usage builds a protective surface that makes future cleaning easier. Can even be used on tires to help shed mud.

Oranj Peelz powers through the toughest jobs
Citrus based degreaser can remove stubborn grease and grime from non-painted surfaces. Superior cleaning agents break down tar, grease and other dirt quickly. Rinse well using clean water after use.

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