CCM Ultra Tacks 2052 Stick


WEIGHT 457 grams
BLADE The AttackFrame has high torsional and bending stiffness for a more accurate shot.
GRIP Full grip with strategically place texture helps to improve control and feel
KICK POINT Mid kick point for great pop on all shots and easy to control for saucer passes.
GEOMETRY T-Geometry for control and accuracy.


SENIOR REGULAR FLEX 85 / 60” P29-P40-P46
SENIOR MEDIUM FLEX 75 / 58” P29-P40-P46
INT. FLEX 65 / 57” (GRIP ONLY) P29-P40-P45-P46
WHIP FLEX 60 / 56” (GRIP ONLY) P29-P40-P46
JUNIOR FLEX 50 / 52” (GRIP ONLY) P29-P40
JUNIOR FLEX 40 / 52” (GRIP ONLY) P29-P40

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