CCM Ultra Tacks Shin Pads

Embedded in the PE molded shell, D3O® smart foam provides essential energy dispersion and protection on and around the knee cap.


D3O® is a patented technology used to make a soft, flexible “smart material” with high-rated shock-absorbing properties. In Mad Scientist terms, D3O® has a unique molecular structure.

The composition of the material’s molecules continuously flows freely, allowing the material to remain soft and flexible, then, on impact, they lock together to absorb and dissipate the impact energy while reducing the transmitted force. The molecules instantly return to their flexible state following impact.

The better the protection, the better we can protect both the player dishing out a hit and the player receiving it.


D3O® Smart foam technology provides a very high level of protection. This innovative material, designed to react to varying intensities while maintaining its soft consistency, absorbs low impacts and then instantly hardens at high energy impacts to protect against big impacts.
CALF Dual molded anatomical exposed HD foam with extended protection and a customizable fit.
KNEE CAPS PE cap with reinforced D3O® smart foam for a lightweight pro-level protection dispersing the force of impact away from knee joints.
THIGH Removable molded foam thigh guard for a customizable pro-level protection.
ATTACHMENT New neoprene reinforced wrapping lock strap provides a comfortable and easy adjustment.
LINER Anatomical removable liner with segmented shin padding and knee cut-out with a custom fit and easy maintenance.
SHIN CONTOURING Molded foam armor base liner for maximum strength and support.


SR 14”, 15”, 16”, 17” - $159.99
JR 12”, 13” - $109.99
YT 8”, 9”, 10” - 

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