Bicycle Chain Lubes

Syn Lube- Fully synthetic lubricant eliminates any of the particles of non-synthetic lubes. Includes extreme pressure additives and corrosion inhibitors to hold up even in the harshest conditions. Added tackifiers give this lube staying power in wet, muddy conditions.

ChainJ- Pedro’s newest chain lube, this product made from renewable materials is safe for the people and the planet. CHAINj is safe to make and use.And it works. During testing with top pro teams, this lube, perfect for mixed to wet conditions, won the Tour de Beauce in the humidity of Quebec, the Fitchburg-Longsjo Classic in New England rain, and the U.S. National Cross Country Championships in the dust of Northern California.

Ice Wax- A dry lubricant that does not attract dirt. Multiple applications build up a lasting barrier to metal-on-metal contact.

Road Rage- A lighter version of Syn Lube, this product eliminates the particles of non-synthetic lubes. Extreme pressure additives penetrate deep to last on those five-hour rides, rain or shine.

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