True A2.2 Stick


A stick that dominates the affordable stick category!

  • Market leading performance and durability under the $100 price point
  • At 495 grams, it is more than on par with the top selling sticks in the $129.99 to $169.99 price range but with better performance & greater durability
  • Excellent balance point, not bottom heavy at all
  • Made TRUE for: minor hockey players, house league players, occasional players
  • The ONLY TRUE one piece stick in this price category! All other sticks are 2-piece constructions with lower balance points (bottom heavy) and less than average performance.
Size Weight Flex Curves
Senior 495g 75-85 TC2- Lie 6.0, TC4- Lie 5.5, MC- Lie 5.0

TRUE technologies used in this product

Axenic Technology
Smartply Technology
Active Bond 2 Technology

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