Genesis 20" Tricycle: 6-Speed Freewheel (Non-Folding)

Model: TK-20-5F

Suitable for adults 4'4" -5'6"
Features: V-Brakes, Precision Sealed Bearings in Rear Wheel and Axle, Alloy Rims, comes with reflector set. Freewheel design means that pedals can turn backwards with no effect on motion or braking.

Stepover Height: 16"
Overall Length: 
Overall Width: 
Tricycle Weight: 
26.16 kg.
Shipping Weight:
 30.16 kg. (6.09 cubic feet) 
Maximum Rider & Cargo Weight : 200 lbs./ 90 kg. 

Colours Available: Red or Blue

For more information see sizing chart

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