McKenney B470 Pro-Spec Intermediate Pro Blocker

Made In Canada!

The B 470 "Pro-Spec" intermediate pro blocker features a binding-less board design for a large solid blocking area. Features include a 90-degree side blocking plate for maximum coverage and protection. A lightweight beveled nose allows for improved performance while making paddle down moves to the ice while a large top flare gives extra puck deflection control. High density foam core construction reduces rebounds while a large diameter tri-flex cuff enhances wrist movement.

> Binding-less design with 7 ½” x 14 ½” intermediate pro size.
> Straight profile board design with a tapered bottom edge and large top flare for added puck deflection and wrist motion.
> 90-degree side blocking plate for maximum coverage and protection.
> “Sure-Grip” reinforced Clarino palm with vented 3-D mesh gusset.
> Lightweight high density “foam-core” board insert.
> Double large finger protectors with side finger pads feature adjustable attachments for improved comfort and maximum protection.
> Dual adjustable wrist strap.
> Pro Spec “PS3” stripe standard / “PS2” stripe and Vintage graphic options available.

If your desired colour is not in stock at the time of your order we can bring it in at no additional cost to you!
Please specify your custom order information in the notes section of your order.

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