McKenney GP490 Instinct Intermediate Pro Goal Pads

Made In Canada!

The GP 490 Instinct intermediate pro goal pad is a scaled down version of our Pro Instinct goal pad. The intermediate Instinct goal pad has been designed for the elite caliber intermediate sized goalie to maximize allowable blocking area, and enhance performance for the butterfly style of play.

> Intermediate sized 10.25” width with an angled toe and tapered inside boot design for improved butterfly movement.
> Flat shin with enhanced flat knee sections for maximum blocking area, improved rebound control and greater pad flex.
> Square inside pad edge and knee and calf stabilizer pads help to force pad to ice quickly in butterfly position and improves “along the ice” coverage.
> Full-length knee and calf protection with calf wedge pad.
> Thigh wraps with lace adjustment for added knee protection.
> Ergonomic full leg and knee cradle improves fit and pad control.
> Large wedge shaped sectioned side rolls help to control rebounds and prevent puck skip-over while providing maximum pad flex.
> “Skate Lock” bottom strap allows for better post hugging.
> Reversible toe bridge allows for “center” or “off-set” toe position.
> “Instinct 4” stripe standard / “Instinct 3” and Vintage graphic options available.
> Available in sizes 29+1”, 30+1”, 31+1” and 32+1”. With +2” custom sizing available.

If your desired size or colour are not available in store at the time of your order we can order them in at no additional cost to you!
Please specify any custom size and colour options in the Notes of your order.

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