Rawlings Heart of the Hide Dual Core 12" Glove (2016)

This Heart of the Hide Dual Core baseball glove from Rawlings features a conventional back and the Vertical Hinge Basket Web. The Vertical Hinge in this web will act as gripper to create the ultimate pocket around the ball. This pattern makes a great crossover glove for pitchers and infielders both, especially those that play on the left side of the infield such as 3rd base. Rawlings-patented Dual Core™ technology, the Heart of the Hide® Dual Core fielder's gloves are designed with position-specific break points in the glove pattern so player can achieve top-level performance customized for their defensive needs. Additionally, these gloves are specially-tanned for a softer feel, allowing for less break-in time.

  • 40% player break-in
  • Recommended for adult or elite player
  • Infield or Pitcher glove
  • Vertical Hinge Basket-Web® is a closed web designed for pitchers gloves
  • Deer-tanned cowhide lining
  • Authentic Pro patterns
  • Produced by the world's finest glove technicians
  • Dual Core™ break point layer has position-specific break points that enable to the glove to close naturally and easily
  • USA-tanned leather lacing for durability
  • Heart of the Hide soft leather shell
  • Conventional back features a wide opening above the wrist
  • Soft full grain leather palm and fingerback linings provide exemplary comfort

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