The Ventus LT80 design features a full flat front surface with a one piece solid outside roll to give the pad a solid firm shape. The pad is constructed around an internal foam core that is constructed with multiple density and thicknesses of foam in a precise arrangement to give the pad a very solid frontal blocking surface and firm perimeter edges for more effective blocking area. The internal core of the pad has multiple layers of foam in varying densities that allows the structure to flex and twist in critical locations to improve performance by allowing the pad to flex. This reduces and limits stress to the knees and hip joints allowing for proper anatomical pad position. This gives the goaltender added extension in the butterfly and faster pad rotation to square up the pads and increase blocking surface even faster. The internal edge of the pad is designed with a wide landing area at the knee. This creates added surface area for increased pad and body balance and also extends the knee landing pad farther behind the knee for increased coverage. The inner shin structure has a wide five-hole pad with a flat structure that flares and widens at the ankle and into the side scoop of the pad. This aligns the pad square to the ice and allows for more stability and control when sliding and moving on the ice. The internal knee cradle has an angled strap system that positions the straps below the bend in the knee for added comfort and less friction during pad rotation. Knee cradle with adjustable retention strap supports the knee in the body of the pad to elevate the knee from the ice surface to provide superior and ergonomically correct body positioning. The leg cradle features a wide inside landing pad that is shaped to encapsulate the leg and cushion the body weight while going down on the ice surface. Large outer calf guard pad covers gaps when tight up against the post. The knee cradle and leg cradle function to provide precise pad control and faster pad movement. This makes the pad move precisely with the goaltenders leg for faster response and creates a pivoting hinge so the pad will quickly rotate around the leg to effectively square up the pad to the most effective blocking position.

• One piece outside roll structure
• Inner core for precise pad shape
• Extreme light weight with superior pad balance
• Tall plus 2" sizing
• Laced in adjustable thigh guard
• Off set tie on toe assembly with lace adjustment position
• Pre-shaped foam design and construction
• Ventus graphics give a taller, longer appearance
• Curved upper side profile helps close five-hole when in a butterfly
• Available in sizes 30+2", 32+2", 34+2", 36+2"

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