Vaughn Velocity V7 VPG XR Pro

  • Full pro core internal structure
  • Flat face front with solid top outside roll
  • Wide leg and knee channel
  • Smooth inside edge sliding surface
  • Thigh guard with HD knee cap
  • Adjustable top strapping
  • Steeper scoop angle
  • Plus 2″ sizing over squared top inside thigh rise
  • New V7 graphic with split front face for more color options
  • Solid inside knee drive block
  • Flatter style inner instep
  • Solid top outside roll
  • Thin front face cushion foam
  • Elastic adjustable leg cradle strap
  • HD foam insert over outer ankle
  • Quick replaceable leg straps
  • 11″ pro width
  • Available in sizes 32+2″, 33+2″, 34+2″, 35+2″, 36+2″

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