Vaughn Ventus VPG LT58 Youth Goalie Pads

New for 2015 the Ventus youth LT 58 goal pad. This new model is designed with a full flat front pad face for solid firm blocking surface. The knee section features flex seams to allow for easy flex and break-in for smaller youth goaltenders. The internal foam core features a higher density outer layer to add protection and keep the pad shape to maximize blocking area. Wide inner side edge and large knee landing area help the youth goaltender maintain balance while on the ice. Full knee cradle with adjustment strap allows for pad rotation and keeps the knee secure to the pad. Full leg cradle protects the calf area and provides added protection and full leg coverage. Dual knee straps and dual calf straps and skate retention strap provide for pad control and adjustment.

• Firm frontal blocking surface
• Large outer roll
• Full leg cradle with shin cushioning
• Wide inner balance side area
• Pre-curved shape for optimal performance
• Dual knee flex points for easy break-in
• Plus two inch thigh rise
• Pre-shaped for optimal fit
• Available in sizes 22+2", 24+2", 26+2"

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