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Like training wheels for skates, the goal of Skateez™ is to give children the opportunity to get on the ice and allow them to experience the freedom and enjoyment of ice skating. For parents, it’s a product that relieves them of the back-breaking scenario that typically goes along with teaching their children how to skate.

  • Package includes two (2) skate trainers with velcro straps. Skates shown not included.
  • Skateez fits most Hockey and Figure skates, sizes Y8-J3 (3-8 years)

Skateez has been designed to provide support for beginning skaters in the same way training wheels work on a bicycle. The arms are rigid enough to hold the skate vertical but also flexible enough to allow the skater to ‘edge’ the blade to propel forward. Traditional bobskates or other training devices only let beginning skaters to ‘walk’ on the ice. Skateez provides a platform for learning the basics of real skating motion. The design is intended to fit a multitude of skate styles and may require some minor adjustments when installing.

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