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string king lacrosse

StringKing Performance Shooters Pack are the most popular throwstrings in lacrosse today. High Quality Tipped Shooting strings for your stick.

2 shooting cords, 3 shooting laces.

Our Shooting Lace is made with a cotton-polyester blend that melts into your pocket for increased feel and accuracy. Save the crazy shoelace for your sneakers and put these bad boys into your lacrosse pocket.

StringKing shooters guide the ball through the channel of your pocket for unrivaled consistency and accuracy with every release.

Optimal cotton-polyester blend melts into your pocket for unmatched feel.

Our Shooting Cord is thin and tightly braided to deliver a crisp snap at the end of each release. No matter how hard you look, you'll never find something so smooth.

A tight thin braid with a compact construction that delivers a crisp snap at the end of each release.

Won’t stretch, shrink or loosen over time, ensuring a dependable and consistent release with every throw.

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