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The STX Duel lacrosse head is a revolutionary head designed specifically for face off midfielders to duel it out at the X. The wildly popular STX Duel creates several key advantages for face off midfielders to help dominate face offs. With revolutionary technology the STX Duel utilizes a new throat plug to shorten the external throat of the head bringing the players hands closer to the ball creating more control during face offs. The Duel offers a clear advantage for face offs with throat plug technology while remaining completely legal. STX also engineered specific Flex Zones with the Duel head in the mid section to allow for optimal face off movement. This helps prevent the STX Duel from warping and remain durable unlike traditional heads during face offs. The Duel also uses STX's patented Scalloped Scoop for effortless ground balls off the face off to help solidify the possession. The STX Duel is one of the most revolutionary heads to enter the market as the first head ever designed specifically for the face off and will definitely be seen being used by elite face off men at every level. 

- STX Throat Plug Technology brings player hands closer to the ball during face offs for a clear control advantage. 

- Engineered Flex Zones in the Duel add durability and help prevent warping during face offs.

- Patented Scalloped Scoop makes ground balls quick and effortless. 

- 3rd screw hole on Throat Plug allows for additional stability when used with the STX Duel SC Shaft.

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