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wilson a700 gloves

These Wilson A700 baseball gloves are game-ready for all positions and come pre-broken in. Supple, soft, and offering high performance, the A700 glove is ready to do the dirty work on the diamond for you. Aesthetically pleasing in a light, caramel blonde color, this is also a workhorse of a glove. In addition to being effective at all positions on the field, it has real leather laces holding the construction together, meaning that the life of the glove will be longer than its competitors. The full-grain leather is softer than most other leathers, and will feel strong and durable when out on the field. Wilson: Peerless in Performance!


This 2019 Wilson baseball glove measures 11.25 inches in length, has an H-web design and open back. The H-web design is ideal for fielding ground balls in the infield or for catching long fly balls in the outfield and securing the ball in the glove. The open back offers greater flexibility in the wrist and a quick turnaround time when transferring the ball from the pocket to the hand. 


This Wilson A700 baseball glove comes with a 12.00-inch opening, a Pro Laced T-Web, real leather laces, and an open back. While it is suitable for all roles on the field, the T-Webbing is very effective for handling balls in the air, and will grip a hot shot liner with ease and comfort. The breathable open back will also keep your game and gloved hand cool and dry on the field, and leave you with fewer errors at the end of the game. Also, the full-grain leather reduces the overall weight of the glove, leaving you free to dive for those hits up the middle or in the corner of the ballpark.


This Wilson A700 baseball glove comes with an 12.5-inch opening, Wilson's H-Web, real leather laces and an open back. With a wider opening, you can use this glove as easily in center field as you can at first base. And with the high-performance H-Web, you can safely dive for hot line drives and snag looping bloopers, knowing the ball will remain securely in the deep mesh of the pocket. The glove is also held together with 100 percent leather laces, ensuring that the quality construction will not come undone during a game, or after a strenuous period of use. Its striking caramel blonde color will draw you lots of attention on the field. Get ready for a season of outstanding defense -- this Wilson mitt really delivers the goods.



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