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Prairie Sticks Bats

Prairie Stick bats are mostly custom made, so we can not show all colors in all models. The bat model features are listed below, color options we have in stock are shown in the drop down options above.


The PS217 is almost identical to the C271. It is one, if not the most popular models in baseball. It is superbly balanced. It has a flared knob that goes into a .925” handle and a slow transition into the barrel that measures 2.461”. Weight range not lighter than -3.


Nice balanced model with a slightly flared knob.  A 2.48" barrel transitions quickly to a standard .93" handle.  This model is getting very popular among amateur and professional players.


This has a 2.50" barrel that transitions nicely into a slightly larger .95" handle that helps to balance this model out.  Conventional knob.


This model was taken straight from Russell Martin's game bat.  It has a long, lean and mean barrel with a flared knob for ultimate comfort and control.  We modified the handle size to make slightly larger to reduce the possibility of breakage. Barrel measures 2.49" and the Handle .92".  This bat could help you do some serious damage at the dish.


This is a thin handled medium barreled bat. It has a slightly smaller 1.92” knob, a .932” handle and a 2.44” barrel and with a weight range not lighter than -3.


Taken from a Matt Kemp model, we modified the barrel slightly to curb breakage.  It has a 2.475" barrel and a .92" handle with a conventional knob.  This model has a sharp transition from the barrel to the handle but swings really smooth.

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