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stringking lax

  • 4 Sidewall Strings - Strings easy & stays tight. Tight construction & gripping texture
  • 1 Bottom Lace - Soft & easily adjustable. Prevents mesh from ripping.

We've made our new Sidewall Strings over twice as durable, 20% lighter, and a pure joy to string with. This means that you will restring your lacrosse stick less, play faster, and generally be a happier person.

Tough, abrasion-resistant shell and ultra-strong, low-density core provide ultimate durability and reduced weight.

A perfect diameter and textured stiffness allow you to string with ease while ensuring your knots stay securely fastened.

Our Bottom Laces save lives – the lives of lacrosse pockets at least. They could save human lives, but we don't have proof of that yet.

Thin, light, and soft, our bottom lace makes adjusting pocket depth easy using a single, secure knot.

The fluffy softness of StringKing Bottom Laces prevents your lacrosse mesh from ripping.

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