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The difference between the Surgeon 700 and its predecessor is the Speed Scoop, Channel-Lock, Endura Form, and the mid-rail stringing option.

The most innovative design of the Surgeon 700 is the Channel-Lock on the scoop; it’s an added hole in the middle of the scoop higher than the other six to pull the mesh higher and create the channel you are looking for. STX also introduces a middle rail option on the lower part of the head for those players looking for some different pocket and stringing options.

STX used the patented Speed Scoop from the Hammer 500 to enhance ground ball play. You will now be able to scoop up ground balls effortlessly due to the minimized drag on turf and grass.

The STX Surgeon 700 uses the new EnduraForm it’s a proprietary formula for improved toughness in a wide array of temperatures. The head has a handle support similar to the STX Duel it reduces rattle and allows the throat of the head to be shorter which allows your hand to be higher on the stick and closer to the ball. This head may not work with certain shafts check before buying.

The STX Memory Mesh that comes with this head is designed with a proprietary Coaxial Composite WeaveTM and a unique core that is up to 15 times the tensile strength of steel. It is also moisture repellant, UV resistant, and absurdly strong.

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